Cultivator Mastermind

Farm entrepreneur investment pitch ready program
Every month you will be joining with the best of Australian Farmers and who are on the pathway to own their first farm or scaling their farms in an online group coaching session.

How does it work?

Just like your crops, your business needs fertile ground to grow in.

We offer:

  1. An ecosystem of high performing farmers and business people for you to connect with regularly
  2. Strategic advice from subject matter experts and access to technical resources where required
  3. The opportunity to share and be supported by a like-minded peer group
  4. A network of high net-worth impact investors to rub shoulders with
  5. Years of experience in navigating farm ownership opportunities across Australia
  6. The most cutting-edge new business opportunities available to add value and create profits on your farm
  7. One-on-one support when you need it
  8. A vibrant culture of success which continually uplifts you

Cultivator Mastermind

What is included in the 12 month program?

Is Cultivator Mastermind Right for Me?

Cultivator Mastermind offers a culture of high performance, excellence and positivity for all its members. To maintain and protect this, new members must apply and are carefully screened before acceptance. As a successful candidate, you will demonstrate the following attributes:

  1. You are passionate and positive about your desire to own or expand your own farm
  2. You are willing to be honest and vulnerable when required, and be held willing to examine belief patterns or personal narratives that may be holding you back
  3. You are a graduate of the Cultivator Investment Ready program and have a farm investment pitch
  4. You are impact driven in your farming and business activities and have regeneration, biodiversity, healthy communities and healthy food systems as foundational principles
  5. You are willing to share your journey and your learnings with others in the group and be happy to contribute to their success as much as your own
  6. You will respect the privacy of other members and not share any personal stories or information outside of the group
  7. One-on-one support when you need it
  8. You commit to attending at least 80% of the group meetings and activities, either virtual or in person