Farm Entrepreneur Investment Ready Program
The next 10-week Cultivator program commences in October 2021, with a focus on all agricultural enterprises and farmers across Australia.

You can own a farm

  • Cultivator is a proven farm ownership incubator program for next generation farmers and farmers who are ready to scale.
  • Cultivator offers farmers the chance to prove their skills and to dramatically increase their chances of finding a partner to co-own their farm.
  • Cultivator is delivering farm ownership outcomes for Australia’s next generation of farmers. The most recent 2021 program is culminating in a Cultivate Farm Pitch Event.
  • View past Cultivate Farm Pitch Events, where graduating cultivators pitch to a panel of investment advisors.

Cultivator Intensive


The next 4-month Cultivator program commences in October 2021, with a focus on all agricultural enterprises.

We want to inspire you. We want you to realise that there are many ways you can find supporters and investment to get on your farm; investors, retiring farmers, and banks.

From October 2021 – March 2022, we will guide aspiring farmers to develop a farm pitch which can be used to unlock investment and co-ownership opportunities.

The best applications will be selected for presentation to the Cultivate Farms Investment Advisory board which could lead to investment outcomes. We are excited by this opportunity and should be another carrot for you to put your best boot forward.

As a result of participating in Cultivator, every farmer will have a farm pitch document and a presentation pitch which they can use to unlock farm ownership opportunities with retiring farmers and investors local to them.

Most importantly, each farmer will be full of confidence that they are good enough to co-own a farm and be motivated to keep finding opportunities.

What do aspiring farmers receive from participating in Cultivator?

At the end of the 3 months all participants will have developed a:

  1. Farm pitch
  2. Financial modelling tool
  3. Three-minute summary pitch video.

Program outline:
Starting 4 October 2021

Weekly video conference sessions focused on guiding you through the pitch and financial model. We have farming and investment experts from across Australia who will provide their wisdom and will be available to answer questions.

Six sessions before Christmas, a break in January to refine your proposal, and finalizing your pitch and video in February with 3 more sessions.


We have been able to get the cost down to $1,500 plus GST. We are excited with the value we are offering through the program and believe this is a great investment into an opportunity that will help you on your farm ownership path (in some cases, leading to the end result).

Applications close 30 September 2021