Cultivate Communities

Make farm ownership possible for next gen farmers in your community

Cultivate Communities

The ‘how-to’ for any regional community to make the next generation of farm ownership possible.

TThe Cultivate Communities Guide provides regional communities with the inspiration and the know how to make farm ownership possible for young people and support retirement aged farmers to age on farm.

The Cultivate Communities program has been developed by the team at Cultivate Farms who are farm match makers. But we want champions within regional communities to do their own farm match making and support the many local pathways to farm ownership. You can do this much better than us and we want you to succeed. Regional Australia needs us all to make more farm matches happen.

The Cultivate Communities Guide is a free download available to all communities in rural and regional Australia.

The Six Steps to Cultivate Communities

We have prepared for you and your community the six steps to rejuvenate your farming. This guide will give you the ideas and know how to:

  • create new pathways for aspiring farmers to own farms in your community
  • inspire retiring farmers to discover new pathways to ageing on farm

The six steps are all about building relationships and networks and they are straight forward. It just requires commitment and passion. They are:

  1. Get inspired
  2. Connect with other people
  3. Rapidly map your community
  4. Review ideas to Cultivate Communities
  5. Get started
  6. Match making

The Cultivate Communities Guide

Download now for free
What happens when you have downloaded the Cultivate Communities Guide?

We want to hear from you and support you as you decide on the ideas you are going to put into place to Cultivate Communities. We are here to support you match making aspiring and retiring farmers.

Please reach out to us and let us know what has been useful and we would love to be part of supporting your regional community.