If you want to own a farm and want to save time finding the best farmer to co-own with you, we have the solution.

We can do the heavy lifting for you and match you with your best-matched farmer to find a farm.


We know how time consuming it is to find the right farm to purchase and the best farmer.
It is also difficult finding the right farmer to run the farm; especially one that will be in for the long term.
We believe the best solution is to be matched with one of the best farmers in Australia for you to collaboratively find and co-own a farm together.

How it works

  1. Confirm you are keen to co-invest with a high quality and values-aligned farmer.
  2. Review all our stories online and case studies about the service we provide

  3. Download our service offering document
  4. Chat with farm, investment and finance advisors about the best approach for you
  5. Set your criteria for the type of farmer you are eager to farm with and the type and location of farm.
  6. We send your criteria to our database directly and ask the most suited to submit a pitch to you why they are the best farmer for you. Alternatively we can send directly to those handful of farmers you think are suitable.
  7. Build relationship with a couple of the best farmers. Meet with a few of them and get to know them over a few months.
  8. You will then select your perfect farmer match. A farmer you align with in values and are willing to explore farm ownership opportunities with.
  9. After this it is up to both parties to find the best farm and farm ownership arrangement. Both parties would look for farms, pull investment proposals together and work through opportunities with whatever advisors you need to help with decision making.
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