Turkey Farm Horsham Victoria


Turkey Farm Horsham Victoria

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The Farm


Landline went and had a chat with Daryl


Closest Town
Horsham VIC, Australia
32.0 Hectares
Farm Type
Other livestock
Annual Rainfall
500mm +
Farming Operation
Producing around good turkeys per year using “Open-range” system. Approximately 50% of birds are portioned + 50% as whole birds. Selling product weekly to markets in Melbourne, as well as stockpiling product throughout the year of Christmas market. Customers in Melbourne, Geelong, Ballarat, Tasmania, Sydney, Canberra, Local. “Paddock to Plate” operation, which involves hatching poults for 6 months for the year , and buying in poults for rest of year , as necessary. The farmer has possibly one of the largest collections of rare turkeys in the worlds. The farmer is very passionate about preserving rare varieties of turkeys (and has produced several new varieties on farm) The years productions is made of commercial and rare turkeys
• 3 Bedroom double-story cedar house (2005). • 2 Brooder Sheds – 1 older building comprising 4 rooms; 1 Newer Building (Built of cool paneling) • 2 Rooms Grower Sheds 200” x 40 “ • 2 Grower Sheds 100” x 40” • Older Style Breeder Sheds, Nissan Hut Barn • 2 X 9T Silos • 2 X 6T Silos • 1 X 4T Silo Processing Factory (One of the few independent abattoirs in the state) situated on western highway. (Melbourne – Adelaide). Freezers, cool room, processing equipment packaging, farm shop. 2040 Refrigerated delivery truck plus farm vehicles. Feeders, waterers, and material of open-range pens.

Future Requirements

What is the opportunity?
Vendor Finance Available:
Lease To Buy Available:
Lease Only Available:
Other Transition:
Would depend on what chances, upgrades, and maintenance, that a new tenant/ prospective owner, would like to implement. Quick growing shades trees would be necessity. Land – Selling or retaining ownership would need to be negotiated with aspiring farmer.
Accommodation Provided
No house on the farm, so aspiring farmer would need to live elsewhere. Possible house – half an hour away.

Financial Projections

Is the farm currently profitable?
Currently profitable. Sell to poulterers and butchers, caterers, provedores, etc. Seeking fresh ideas, outlook, etc, could make business more profitable!
What markets are currently being sold to