Free Range Pig Farm Wagga Wagga NSW


Free Range Pig Farm Wagga Wagga NSW

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The Farm


Closest Town
Wagga Wagga NSW 2650, Australia
69.0 Hectares
Farm Type
Pig Farming
Annual Rainfall
Farming Operation
Business operations: At present we have 50 happy paddock piggies including weaners aged six weeks, growers to mature breeding sows. We hand mix and feed twice each day with the principal focus being on excellent and robust health. Raw foods are combined with an excellent supply of seconds chemical-free apples, with mineral supplements so our piggies are happy, confident, calm and curious. We sell the pork as retail to household customers both directly and via markets, and wholesale to chefs in a couple of Wagga and Coolamon restaurants. These chefs also are interested in purchasing edible flowers – a truly beautiful type of enterprise!
Six paddocks with good internal fencing and smaller fenced areas closer to the main shed. The western boundary fence requires attention. Four dams are filled by run-off and one is by seepage and Hardenbergia. Two steel sheds, one with roller doors on each side and the other for machinery. An ever expanding permaculture garden and five water tanks holding a total of 115,000L. A secure poultry run and more than 20 varieties of fruit and nut trees and indigenous trees and shrubs planted in paddocks, around the garden and along the creek. A 4.5kva solar panel setup with batteries providing 95% of all energy requirements for household and farm.

Future Requirements

What is the opportunity?
This will be the first farm that we crowdfund through Cultivate Farms. We are working with DomaCom to raise the capital to buy the land. The current farmer will step back and support an aspiring farmer to take on the business with their support. The aspiring farmer can also be an investor in the farm through crowdfunding. The farm will be leased from the investors (the crowd) by the aspiring and current farmer which will give the investors a good return on their investment.
Accommodation Provided
A three-bedroom double brick house with a large east-facing verandah, utilised for eight months of the year as an outside living area. The open plan accredited commercial kitchen and living area provides extensive views over the Kyeamba Valley to the south east.

Financial Projections

Is the farm currently profitable?
What markets are currently being sold to
We are listed as a destination with YouCamp and Air BnB with visitors more frequent in spring, summer and autumn with bookings averaging two to three per month. • We are proposing to host more groups up to 100 people as we offer farm tours, workshops, events, lunches and under-the-stars dinners. Celebrating the full moon around fires is a very popular event with farm-grown food and tribal drumming connecting people to our beautiful Mother Earth Goddess and Moon. • School groups visit as part of science, agriculture and environmental curriculum subjects and we provide in-depth experience and knowledge of our style of integrating our food growing operations within the precious natural biodiversity of Springview Eco-Farm where there are more native species of plants than exotic. The Mt Austin special education students may be coming on a weekly basis to learn about animal husbandry and growing proper foods in Term 4 of 2017. Arrangements are underway to achieve this outcome. • This property is an education centre for biodiversity, permaculture, wholefood cooking, designing ecological communities, art therapy, musical events, learning about Wiradjuri culture, botanical medicines and connecting and healing through Nature Therapy. • At least once a month we have a group of Contemporary Veterans and their families come to Springview Eco-Farm to chill out in the bush – the Vets share their bushcraft knowledge with their kids, light camp fires and cook on them while relaxing and turning the ‘alert’ button off for a while. • Springview Eco-Farm is located two hours and 35 minutes from Canberra. Daily international flights are now coming into Canberra and we are in a great location to provide memorable experiences for so many visitors. Collaborating with other Wagga attractions, accommodation and ground transport operators ensures a potentially exciting element to the business model. Where else but here could you enjoy a formal three-course dinner under the unpolluted skies with the sounds of kangaroos, frogs, crickets, dung beetles and bats in the background…..? • Although the farm is not a recognised Wildlife Sanctuary, it is as we have a policy and practices to ensure all native animals have a safe home. Yes – there are too many kangaroos at present which results in the grasses not being able to recover – and perhaps there needs to be a few culled. If this occurs, the meat and skins will be fully utilised. The topography of the farm is ideal for mountain biking, as confirmed by riders from the Wagga Club. Our proximity to Livingstone National Park adds extra interest and distance for riders. Establishing a farm shop is high on the list and to grow and produce the majority of products here or source them from within the Riverina.