Rare Vegetable Seed Farm


Rare Vegetable Seed Farm

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The Farm

Closest Town
Casterton VIC 3311, Australia
10.0 Acres
Farm Type
Market garden
Annual Rainfall
Farming Operation
Garden Larder is a small farm specialising in growing small amounts of seed from many rare and unusual vegetable crops. There is also a melon and zucchini breeding project that is gaining interest from both seed companies and growers. The soil was very poor and low fertility sand but has been hugely improved to a manageable stage now. The sandy loam makes all soil management easy from digging to irrigation. Soil tests are carried out every year to ensure I am doing it right, and to fix any soil problems as they occur. All beds are under drip irrigation for easy and precise management. There is room for expansion through extra acreage leases as infrastructure is expanded. A seed drying and storage room is being built. The land is farmed with a cropshare arrangement under contract which is fair and easy to work with, which means that lease payments are only made as income is earned. All management decisions are mine. Farm's Website: https://gardenlarderfarmopportunity.yolasite.com/
The farm business is fairly new and all the income made from it has gone straight back into infrastructure. When the infrastructure such as the irrigation system is complete then the farm will be profitable. At the moment it is paying for itself.

Future Requirements

What is the opportunity?
I prefer to partner with someone rather than sell, I am enjoying it too much to give it up.
Other Transition:
Looking for a full, equal, working partner. Finance up front is required but the money you would put into buying into the business will be required to live off temporarily until the next crop payments come in, and until the farm is working at capacity.
Accommodation Provided

Financial Projections

Is the farm currently profitable?
Capital Requirements
Paperwork will be available to view to a prospective partner, but for this exercise, the main operating expenses consist of irrigation water, vehicle expenses, fertiliser and cropshare payments as income is earned.
What markets are currently being sold to
Retail seed companies and some seed to market gardeners. There are also small amounts coming in from retail sales direct to consumers.