Oyster Farm Lease Streaky Bay SA


Oyster Farm Lease Streaky Bay SA

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The Farm


Closest Town
Streaky Bay SA 5680, Australia
8.0 Hectares
Farm Type
Annual Rainfall
Farming Operation
Business opportunity exists in an Aquaculture Oyster Farm operation with land base located in picturesque Streaky Bay, on the west coast of South Australia. There is a total of 8 hectares of water, all developed with the BST adjustable longline system, located in the Pt Gibson Zone (the Hummocks). There are two separate leases, one being 5 hectares, the other 3 hectares. Grading machines, equipment and oyster bags are already on site so there is potential to start straight away without any major capital requirements (one exception, see below). Open to any potential lease/purchase structure that is fair to both parties. Streaky Bay has a population base of 3-4000 people, hospital and a P-12 school.
Newly built two storey residential accommodation, with views of the bay and ocean, exists at the front of the large purpose-built shed on the 1ha block. Sited on the block are two 20,000 gallon rainwater tanks, reverse cycle air conditioner and gas hot water. The purchase of suitable marine craft (oyster punt) and tow vehicle will be required as the current lessees purchased our oyster punt. The operation is currently leased until March 2022.

Future Requirements

What is the opportunity?
At this stage, the farmer only looking to lease the water which is the most cost-effective for anyone starting out. As time goes on, they're open to other possibilities. They are also open for sale, lease, and lease to buy options.
Lease To Buy Available:
Lease Only Available:
Other Transition:
As outlined above, but the farmer may also invest with someone if the conditions and terms are satisfactory for all parties concerned
Accommodation Provided
The farmer have an excellent land base with new two-storey accommodation at the front of the shed but that is currently leased out for the next two years. Other accommodation would need to be sourced which would not be difficult or expensive.

Financial Projections

Is the farm currently profitable?
N/A until time spent and oyster stock purchased, this is an opportunity which is long term and suited for parties with that clearly in mind. Oyster Farms return a profit once spat has been purchased from hatcheries, either in SA or Tasmania, and grown to either a marketable table size, or sold as on-growns to other farmers. As with any farming industry, there is a choice to sell on grown oysters for a much cheaper price due to less time farming time and effort or spend the extra time and effort to achieve a greater return for a restaurant size oyster. There is also the opportunity to do both of the above farming strategies.
Capital Requirements
Capital requirements are quite straightforward. Spat needs to be purchased. Each Hatchery varies slightly in price, and all that takes is a few phone calls. The only other capital expenditure is an oyster punt and tow vehicle (or tractor), and they are cheap. The price of an oyster punt varies depending on size, motors etc. To begin with, especially dealing with oyster spat, any small fishing boat would suffice. After 2-3 months, a larger vessel would need to be seriously considered.
What markets are currently being sold to
After 14 years in the industry, there are firm contacts within the industry, and markets established in SA and Victoria, as well as the Sydney Fish Markets. As well as direct sourcing to premium restaurants in Sydney and Brisbane. If a quality product is farmed I have the ability to connect any potential oyster farmer with people in the wholesale game, both intrastate and interstate. The most important thing to note, a good fair sized oyster sells itself, that has always been my experience and that of any grower. Overseas markets do exist, although they take time and effort to maintain, and the price received domestically is highly comparable. One thing to bear in mind, Australia does not allow the import of any foreign oysters except for frozen NZ oysters.