North Star 3031 Ha Broad Acre Cropping


North Star 3031 Ha Broad Acre Cropping

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The Farm


Closest Town
Goondiwindi QLD 4390, Australia
3031.0 Hectares
Farm Type
Broad Acre Cropping
Annual Rainfall
Farming Operation
Mixed broad acre cropping: 2700 hectares are farmed. Our main crops include: wheat, barley, sorghum, linseed, millet, chickpeas and mungbeans. Ray is a part of ASP (Australian Soil Planers), with the intention to move towards better soil health and more sustainable farming practices. We have tree lines and pride ourselves on preserving the current biodiversity of bird life and native trees. Our native trees are mostly brigalow and belah which have become endangered due to extensive clearing in our region.
5x bores with windmills & 7 dams ~6,000 tones of grain storage in silos and sheds Machinery sheds & workshop (with sufficient equipment for running repairs of machinery) 2 main homesteads & 1 cottage Office

Future Requirements

What is the opportunity?
Ownership of the land will remain in the Family, however we are open to transitioning ownership of shares in the business and thus its assets to a successful applicant. Currently the business is a discretionary trust that buys and owns the machinery and is responsible for running the cropping business.
Other Transition:
Acquiring equity/shares in the business.
Accommodation Provided
Currently available on the farm is a 4 bedroom house for a family or a 2 bedroom cottage for single or couple. This can be negotiable after the trial period.

Financial Projections

Is the farm currently profitable?
We are a viable and profitable business.
Capital Requirements
Currently the business has approximately 75% equity. Further details can be discussed in person.
What markets are currently being sold to
Most of our grains are sold to end users, mostly flour mills. We pride ourselves on long standing relationships with our end users. We are developing markets in sustainably grown grain.