Mushroom Farm Opportunity - Monetise your backyard!


Mushroom Farm Opportunity - Monetise your backyard!

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The Farm


Sam Marwood unpacks how growing mushrooms works with Ryan from  Life Cykel

1.            Summary

Mushroom Farm via National Mushroom Network: Solar Shroom Room

This is an incredible opportunity to everyday Australians by empowering an individuals to be a part of the Mushroom Movement in creating income and moving society towards a more sustainable food model.

You can be a mushroom farmer! Life Cykel have created a complete Shroom Room package which includes all of the necessary equipment which will allow you to grow fresh mushrooms in your own backyard with the perfect environment to grow in, which means maximising yields and profits for you! Monetise your backyard and feed your community!

General location (closest town): Anywhere in Australia

Type of farm: Mushroom Farming / Market Garden

Size: Shroom Room has three sizes

Contact: Life Cykel / Ryan Creed / National Mushroom Network


2.            The farm / The Shroom Room – It is the Pollination Home Base Station


Shroom Room characteristics

·         Family and Cafe Model

o   It is a 1395 (w) x 770 (d) x 1815 (h) mm

o   It can produce Up to 5kg mushroom Per Week

o   Includes FREE Stingless Native Bee Hotel and 3 months Beemunity Booster

o   RRP $1,450.00 or $30.61 per week over 12 months

·         Street Defender – Community Model

o   1780 (w) x 1955 (d) x 2080 (peak height) mm

o   Up to 15kg Per Week

o   RRP $5,999.00 or $59.79 per week over 24 months

·         Solar Shroom Room

o   2290 (w) x 2870 (d) x 2420 (peak height)

o   - Up to 40kg Per Week -

o   RRP $13,750.00 or $79.50 per week over 40 months


·         Commercial Shipping Container Mushroom Farm

o   - Up to 150kg Per Week -

o   RRP $38,720.00 or $13,720 deposit + $97.88 per week over 60 months


You will receive an ultra durable steel reinforced shed which features an innovative real wood look and feel. The shed has paintable walls, comes complete with a durable floor and has a 10 year warranty. It provides adequate space for growing and harvesting your mushroom crops and comes with clear instructions allowing you to easily assemble it on your own. Please note that larger grow rooms are available, please contact us to discuss.


What’s included with the Shroom Room Package?

·         Shelving Units

·         Humidifier, Humidstat, Hose and Hose Connector

·         High Capacity Fan + Automatic Timer

·         Face Mask

·         Scales

·         UV Bug Light

·         Evaporative Cooler / Oil Heater

3.            Financial projections 

Production Plan Case Study

Stage 1: Setting Up and Building a Customer Base

Week 1:

● Receive your shed, necessary equipment and first pallet of bags

● Build and assemble the shroom room

● Begin fruiting 5-10 bags

Week 2:

● Market your mushrooms to local restaurants and community

● Begin taking pre-orders

● Put 10 more bags into fruiting

● To ensure constant supply of mushroom bags and allowing for delivery, we recommend placing an order for more fruiting bags for the following month (1 pallet, 465 bags).

Stage 2: Supplying Initial Customers

Week 3:

● Harvest your 1st crop, to be used as samples

● Continue to market your mushrooms to local restaurants and community

● Put 10 more bags into fruiting

Week 4:

● Harvest 2nd crop, for further samples or to fulfill orders

● Put 10 more bags into fruiting

● Receive your next shipment of bags

● Put these new bags into fruiting

● Prepare to further increase production and customer base


Stage 3: Scaling Up Production and Customer Base

Week 5 - 8:

● Increase production of harvested mushrooms by placing a higher number of bags in each week

● Bring on further customers OR increase current volumes to existing customers

Weeks 9 - 12:

● Increase production of mushrooms per week

● Bring on further customers OR increase current volumes to existing customers

● Weeks 12+ each farmer is able to decrease, increase or keep monthly yields as they wish


Potential Profits for Weekly Harvests

4.            Transition arrangements


5.            What type of aspiring farmer are you looking for?

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