Harcourt Walnut Farm


Harcourt Walnut Farm

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The Farm


Closest Town
Harcourt VIC 3453, Australia
28.0 Acres
Farm Type
Annual Rainfall
Farming Operation
A productive walnut farm in Victoria's Harcourt Valley. Around half of the 28 acre property is under approx 400 mature, productive walnut trees. (The other half is being used by the property owner for horses). There may be scope for some grazing of a small goat or sheep herd amongst the orchard.
Water licence for 19.3ML of water from the Coliban Channel (a small part of this allocation to be retained by the property owner for stock watering and some pasture irrigation). State of the art irrigation system with wireless/remote control capabilities. Currently no other infrastructure, plant or equipment. However, the property owner would consider erecting a shed on the property for storage of walnut harvesting / drying equipment, etc.

Future Requirements

What is the opportunity?
Ownership of the land to be retained by the property owner. More interested in a share farming, lease, JV or other sort of arrangement for the medium to long term operation of the farm, without transfer of ownership of the land. The property owner lives on and raises horses on the property and tries to minimise use of herbicides, pesticides, treated pine and other toxins. Therefore preference would be give to applicants with organic farming objectives / experience.
Lease Only Available:
Other Transition:
Share farm, lease, JV or other structure. No transfer of ownership.
Accommodation Provided
There is no accommodation provided.

Financial Projections

Is the farm currently profitable?
The farm is not currently being operated and has not operated commercially for 2 years. However the trees are still in good condition and are producing nuts.
Capital Requirements
Any plant or equipment required to operate the farm would need to be provided. Costs of water allocation is approximately $5k per annum. The property owner's main objective is to see the farm assets utilised and the land cared for, rather than to make a profit. Therefore, rent / profit share expectations are very realistic and could be linked to income in order to reduce exposure.
What markets are currently being sold to
The walnuts are not currently marketed. However, demand for walnuts both locally and overseas (particularly China) is high. There are very few organic walnut operations in Victoria.