[FARMERS MATCHED] Sheep, Fat lambs, grain and Piggery Farm 40 km North of Bendigo


[FARMERS MATCHED] Sheep, Fat lambs, grain and Piggery Farm 40 km North of Bendigo

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The Farm


General location: 40 km north of Bendigo

Type of farm: Sheep, fat lambs, grain and piggery

Size:  1500 hectares. 1/5 irrigation, 4/5 dryland farming

Infrastructure: 3 large machinery sheds, shearing shed, 305 sow piggery,

Tractors, trucks, utes, motor bikes, cars, 36 silos, 30 ft seeder, 30 ft header, 94 ft spray unit, windrower, 10 ton spreader, 6 augers, scissor lift, 2 pivot irrigators and pump shed.

The farming family are 4th generation farmers on the same property.

The farmers are looking for aspiring farmers who have the ability to work with others and learn all aspects of farming. They are looking for aspiring farmers with experience in managing farms of this size or with equivalent skills. You will need demonstrated history of managing machinery and working with stock.

Cultivate Farms will be working in an ongoing capacity with the current farmers to support the aspiring farmer on this property. We will be working out a long-term succession plan which includes the high possibility of seeking investors to help transition the current farmers off the farm. We know that this will be a great farm ownership opportunity for the aspiring farmer.

The opportunity is first as an employee, and after 12-18 months where the aspiring farmer has demonstrated their capacity to farm well and work with the farmers, options will be worked through to enable the aspiring farmer to buy-in and also build equity.

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North Bendigo VIC 3550, Australia
0.0 Hectares
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Other livestock
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