The Mantle a 250 Hectare farm in Toolern Vale


The Mantle a 250 Hectare farm in Toolern Vale

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The Farm


The Mantle of Melbourne is A Farm-To-Table Hub that connects fellow foodies, farmers and entrepreneurs.

The 250 Hectare picturesque farmland, located at Toolern Vale, outside Melbourne, is a blank slate for agricultural, creative and hospitality dreams to be realised.

Making and farming projects will draw from the natural abundance of the property and the experienced business founders will offer nurturing guidance to develop ideas and a market for produce, recreation and entertainment.

Close your eyes and picture a paddock with your produce, this is ‘Your Farm’.  A place for experienced farmers to extend their harvest or budding agriculturists to cultivate rich, organic produce; your paddock lease is an opportunity to farm land that has social spirit and market infrastructure. You can raise livestock, grow fresh organic produce for the community or cultivate soil through the compost…the land is calling you.

Part of the farm to table hub is a membership offering, an investment towards produce that is locally grown and freshly harvested, a tailored food box system. Members have the option to directly connect with farmers and producers at collection or opt-in for a weekly delivery service

The Mantle Providore is the centrepiece of the property, a place to convene, collect and celebrate. Chefs and farmers connect with invested community members and guests to celebrate all things food. This is deli meets grocer, where fresh produce is harvested and cooked within footsteps. The same produce can be packaged for sale as part of a weekly convenient shop or ideally, take the time to breath the country air and graze farm-style at your leisure.

General location (closest town):

Toolern Vale, Victoria. 

Type of farm:

Community Supported Agriculture, Market Garden Lots, Wicking Bed Planters, Broad Acre

Size: 4 x 1000m2 Lots with opportunity to extend into nearby lots and broad acre.  Total property size is 256 Hectares.

2.            The farm

Farm characteristics

·         Blank slate to start up a farm or market garden with lots ranging from 1000m2 and opportunity to scale up.  There is access to water, electricity and existing buildings for storage.  On site is a commercial kitchen, events space and the farmgate provedore.  From observatory investigations the soil seems somewhat clay with average rainfall for the region.   There is access to third pipe city water and several dams on site.  The farm also presents an opportunity to utilize raised wicking beds with reduced watering requirements and use of harvested water.    

Future requirements

·         For those looking at setting up a market garden on a lot would require some soil to be brought in or existing soil to be tested and remediated.  Anyone with innovative farming techniques are most welcome to bring their innovations ot set ups and we will accommodate.

Historical data

·         In the last 10 years the farm has been used as horse agistment property.  However historically the property was one of the prime pastoral and farming properties in the district, was formerly a local centre for innovation in agricultural machinery, grazing and cropping.


        This is a lease or JV arrangement.



        There is some accommodation on site for the aspiring farmer in a form of a guest house or a larger house.  Alternatively there are ample new housing estates in the area with various accommodation options.  Alternative living accommodation can be applied for on the site in a form of tiny house and eco host farm.

3.            Financial projections 

Financial projections

        This is a farm start up. It is expected that aspiring farmers have access to around $10,000 worth of savings or credit line to start their business at The Mantle.  The vendors are flexible in the approach however.

        The budgeted capital requirements and ongoing operational expenses of the farm are to be assessed based on the requirements of the farmers and scale of operation.

4.            Transition arrangements

Lease or lease with equity available.

5.            What type of aspiring farmer are you looking for?

The aspiring farmers need to know about seasonal produce grow cycles, be able to grow high yielding and high value crops; heirloom varietals.  Be able to compost and maintain the market garden.  Minimum several years experience is required as a market gardener or qualification in agriculture / horticulture.  If wanting to raise livestock must have experience.  In exchange we offer a base and platform for support, avenues for sale of produce through our eco system farm to table hub.  Aspiring farmers will have access to communal facilities like commercial kitchen, events and workshops space and primary produce store / provedore for value add and retail of their product.  The farmer will have access to finance skills, accounting, marketing and PR support.    

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