[FARM-MATCHED] 57ha Livestock and Agroforestry Farm South Gippsland’s Strzelecki Ranges, south-east of Melbourne


[FARM-MATCHED] 57ha Livestock and Agroforestry Farm South Gippsland’s Strzelecki Ranges, south-east of Melbourne

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The Farm


A 57ha property near Korumburra in South Gippsland’s Strzelecki Ranges, south-east of Melbourne.  It’s a steep but very scenic and productive property, and the current owners have lived and farmed there for 35 years.

Farm characteristics

The property consists of dome-shaped hills with a central creek.  Soils are deep, gradational, grey clay loams, whilst the cool, temperate climate delivers reliable rainfall averaging 1050mm/annum.

The productive enterprises comprise around 250 Wiltipoll and Dorper ewes for prime lamb production, 10 – 20 young beef cattle and 14.5 hectares of wide-spaced hardwood agroforestry for sawlogs.

Ewes lamb in late winter to Wiltipoll and Suffolk rams, with lambs auctioned in the new year.  Young cattle are bought in spring and grown out for about 18 months.  Timber trees were planted in 1990 and 92, and are now being harvested.

Farm infrastructure includes 10 main paddocks (all electric fenced), 6 dams, hay shed, 2-stand raised-board shearing shed (with 4.5kW solar system), machinery shed, sheep and cattle yards.  Domestic infrastructure includes 160m2 weatherboard house (with 3kW solar system), bungalow, garage and workshop, large netted orchard, chook house and vegie garden.

Historical info

Little has changed over the last 10 years except for the sheep enterprise moving from purchased first-cross ewes through Dorper and now to a Wiltipoll self-replacing flock.  Over the 35 years the owners have established nearly 7000 mostly native trees and shrubs largely for soil erosion control, but also providing wildlife habitat, windbreaks, firewood, passive recreation and beauty.  The agroforestry plantings comprised 5700 native trees.


The farm provides a basic income and there are no particular capital requirements at present. 

Running breeding cattle and marketing stock on-line (stock are currently auctioned at the local saleyards) would be two ways of increasing income but more work would be required.  The property would lend itself to development of a bed and breakfast enterprise with appropriate investment and the right people.

Transition arrangements

The owners would like to ease their way out of the farm and agriculture in the next 10 years. They have considerable expertise in livestock farming, agroforestry and sustainable rural living which they are keen to hand on as well.

Possible transition arrangements are numerous and would include sale of livestock and equipment with farm lease, or sale of the property with or without the agroforestry trees. The owners would also be open to living on the farm through management transition.

The owners are also prepared to sell the farm (a single title) in its entirety or without the agroforestry trees which they could retain as a separate legal entity until harvested.

What type of aspiring farmer

The owners are looking for a new generation of land managers who'll look after the place as well as (or better than) they have whilst keeping it productive.  Their ideal would probably be a young couple or family with plenty of energy and ideas, along with substantial off-farm income obtained nearby.

Experience on the land wouldn’t be essential but practicality and enthusiasm would. The current owners would be happy to provide support in transferring farming and rural skills to the aspiring owners in both the short and longer terms – when they leave the farm they’re unlikely to leave the district.

Your steps to apply.  

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3. We send on to the owners

4. Owner decides if they want to carry on discussions and you will get a lot more info (for privacy we are keeping details light at the moment)

5. When they select the aspiring farmer who is the best fit, we will work with you both to sort out a win-win.

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