Dairy ownership pathway | North East Victoria

Dairy ownership pathway | North East Victoria

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State: Victoria
Region: North east

Ownership Options:

Farming Type: dairy

Dairy ownership pathway | North East Victoria

Aspiring dairy farmers wanted - North-East Victoria.

This is a brilliant dairy ownership pathway opportunity. The people who run this farm are genuine in wanting to back aspiring farmers - we can definitely confirm this.

They are looking to employ a young farmer or farming family and get them farm-ownership ready. Then if you are good enough, they are more than willing to help back you onto your own dairy farm.

This is exactly why we setup Cultivate Farms; to find farm ownership opportunities like this for you.


- Manage and motivate a team of skilled milkers and farm staff;

- Manage the daily needs of 850 cow split calving herd over two properties (milking at one); 

- Maintain current high standard of milk quality and QA; 

- Supervise herd health and breeding programs in consultation with the Operations Manager; 

- Liaise with calf rearer for calf transport and milk pickup to calf unit; 

- Implement herd budgets and record data; 

- Have a strong knowledge of herd improvement strategies and Easy Dairy skills: 

- Oversee future herd growth and expansion in consultation with Operations Manager; 

To find out more, 1) create a free profile on Cultivate Farms (www.cultivatefarms.com/aspiringfarmer) and then 2) send an email to sam (sam@cultivatefarms.com) asking for the role description.

Let's get your farming!

Your steps to apply. 

1. Fill out this basic farm pitch (should only take 10 minutes)

2. Send an email to Tegan@cultivatefarms.com with your attached farm proposal

3. We send on to the owners

4. Owner decides if they want to carry on discussions and you will get a lot more info (for privacy we are keeping details light at the moment)

5. When they select the aspiring farmer who is the best fit, we will work with you both to sort out a win-win.o is the best fit, we will work with you both to sort out a win-win.