Banyard Game Birds Pittsworth Qld


Banyard Game Birds Pittsworth Qld

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The Farm


Closest Town
Pittsworth QLD 4356, Australia
8.0 Hectares
Farm Type
Other livestock
Annual Rainfall
500mm +
Farming Operation
Banyard farm is an intensive livestock (quail) farm. Producing fertile eggs, incubation of the eggs, growing out of quail, slaughter and packaging of a retail ready product. Additionally there is free ranging production of Guinea Fowl, and Geese, for farm management and our own consumption.
Quail Breeder shed (steel); Incubation Shed (steel) ; Quail Grow-out Shed (steel) ; Fully accredited and licenced abattoir (SafeFood Queensland) (rendered brick) Associated refrigeration; Accredited Food delivery vehicle (SafeFood Qld) ; Recently completed 3 bedroom homestead.(steel and timber) ; Large steel construction shed (Clive and Erika’s home for 4 years) ; ‘Site shelter’ covered workshop/storage area over 6 shipping containers; Two equipped bores, and substantial rainwater collection and storage

Future Requirements

What is the opportunity?
We are completely open to suggestions. Personally we are not ‘hung up’ on asset ownership. What we are looking for is to find a couple/family, interested in taking this sort of business over, passing on what expertise we have to enable them to make the most of the opportunity, and then transition the ownership of the business and asset base to them over an acceptable period of time (eg 20 years). We would like to retain the rights to live on the farm and be involved (albeit on a reducing scale) in the day to day operations for as long as we would like and are able to. We recognise there are always unforeseen circumstances which inevitably happen, and today’s plans may not be relevant next year. A degree of flexibility and understanding will be required by both parties here. We believe it would be beneficial for ourselves and for the business to bring in fresh enthusiastic talent, to take the business to another level, and to enable us to ‘step back’ to some extent. We feel it would be beneficial to commence that process sooner rather than later.
Other Transition:
This is a small business which we feel has the potential to be grown significantly within the capacity of the resources available. There obviously will be a need to grow and diversify the business to fund the participation of another family (partner). We have identified several complimentary business opportunities.
Accommodation Provided
We consider it essential that the aspiring farmer live on site. At the moment there is no accommodation here, but there are several possibilities. Clive is a builder, and has just completed a house for ourselves, utilising one of the old shed frames as the basis for the construction. Housing arrangements will be sorted out in conjunction with the aspiring farmers’s requirements. It would be the first project to be undertaken.

Financial Projections

Is the farm currently profitable?
The farm is profitable. It is not spinning off masses of money, but it has funded all the asset refurbishment, and built the house that has just been completed. We are happy to share this year’s financials. Diversification Possibilities:- - Diversification into other products eg:- spathcock, guinea fowl, goose etc - Licenced food van operating in Toowoomba and Brisbane - Farm tourism - Export –existing weekly cargo flights from Wellcamp to Hong Kong by Cathay Pacific
Capital Requirements
No, not necessary, however if the partner brought some capital with them, it could speed up the transition of ownership I suspect.
What markets are currently being sold to
Local markets, mainly restaurants, butchers and retail outlets in SE Queensland.