Wellington, Central West NSW, Mixed farming, 2520 ha


Wellington, Central West NSW, Mixed farming, 2520 ha

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The Farm


Closest Town
Wellington NSW 2820, Australia
2520.0 Hectares
Farm Type
Mixed Farming
Annual Rainfall
500mm +
Farming Operation
Around 30 % of the farm area would be classified as regenerative where we aim for maximum biodiversity promoted by grazing management. Livestock are rotated through these paddocks including laying hens in mobile sheds. The rest of the farm is a rotation of improved pastures and crops. Canola, wheat and spelt are the main crops grown. Pastures are a mixture of grasses, legumes and herbs. We mill our own wheat on farm to feed the hens. This is mixed with bought in ingredients (60-70% of hens ration is grown on farm). Eggs are processed, packed and distributed from the farm. We do the majority of the distribution ourselves which involves weekly trips to Sydney with the eggs.
• The farm has the following main pieces of infrastructure • 3 homesteads • 1 cottage lived in • 1 cottage not lived in • 2 woolsheds • 3 sheep yards • 1 cattle yards • 1000 tonne grain storage • 1 feed mill • Machinery sheds

Future Requirements

What is the opportunity?
We are looking for a couple to take on the day to day operations and management of the pastured egg business. The following is a timeline providing an indication of how the new managers could transition into the business. • First 3 months – learn the business • Next 3 months – fine tune, develop systems, the routines, the people • Next 6 months – work on a business plan to grow the business (we will help with this and have some idea’s) • Year 2 Sign off on the business plan and implement. At this point we would be expecting to separate the egg business from the farm business and offer some equity in the egg business based on the growth opportunity.
Accommodation Provided
There is a four bedroom brick and weather board home with a nice garden on farm that would be for the managers to live in. They would be expected to help maintain the house and garden.

Financial Projections

Is the farm currently profitable?
Whole farm = Yes Egg business = Yes
Capital Requirements
Ongoing fence, water, yards and shed upgrades across the property. To expand the hen business there is an investment in mobile sheds, water and feeders plus the hens.
What markets are currently being sold to
Commodity markets for livestock, wool and grain Wholesale and retail for the eggs. The eggs are sold throughout the central west of NSW to cafes, deli’s butchers and supermarkets. They are also sold to a variety of retailers in Sydney.