[FARM-MATCHED] Organic mixed farm, Tansey, Qld

[FARM-MATCHED] Organic mixed farm, Tansey, Qld

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State: Queensland
Region: Tansey
Size: 70 hectares

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Farming Type: beef

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The owners run the farm as a paying agro-ecological venture producing having farmed for many years with training in: biological farming, biodynamics, composting, naturopathy, low stress stock handling, permaculture and holistic management.

Tansey which is approximately one hour from Gympie and the same from Kingaroy and is approximately 75Ha in area.

Approximately 76Ha

The owners are looking for aspiring farmers to share workload, planning, development and profit.

The farm produces beyond organic: eggs,(appox 850 doz per week) beef(direct market appoximately 70 kg per week), lamb( direct market 1-2 lambs per week), pork(Direct market 1 pig per week) , hay and some fruit and vegetables with plans for broilers, milk and value adding to some of the above.

Abattoirs at Gympie1hr, Biggenden1hr (longer towing float). Main market is the Sunshine Coast 1.5 hrs. Ag supply at Goomeri and Murgon.

Completely irrigated: pumping capacity in excess of 30,000 gallons per hour. Reticulated stock water to 60% of property.  1 large and 2 small dams. 1 large fully enclosed hay shed 36 mtrs X 20 Metres, 3 more sheds for grain and machinery, unused dairy. 2 X 50 tonne silos.

Past:10 years ago the farm was very run down carried about 30 cattle plus a few young calves and produced a small amount of lucerne.

Current operations description: just over 100 beef cattle of various ages, 100+ meat sheep, about2000 laying hens, pullets grown to replace hens, some broilers being trialed, pastured pigs, hay mainly for on farm use, small amount of fruit and veg.

Soil management: Basic Biodynamic preparations, various stock rotation and alternation, biological farming principles, mineral applications as needed.

Are there any biodiversity values? Yes we try to have many types of stock alternating on pasture that has a broad variety of plants. Wildlife seems to interact without too much pressure on them or the farm stock.

Certification (Type and Years) The farm was certified Organic/Biodynamic and Free Range until 2 years ago when we decided to go Certified Naturally Farmed which we believe to have better adherence to real biological principles.

Fertiliser history: Conventional under previous owners. For the last 10 years it has been biological enhancement techniques, biodynamic preparations, stock rotation and mineral application.

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