80 acre permaculture long term lease Dorrigo NSW


80 acre permaculture long term lease Dorrigo NSW

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The Farm

Closest Town
Dorrigo Plateau, Deer Vale NSW 2453, Australia
80.0 Acres
Farm Type
Market garden
Annual Rainfall
500mm +
Farming Operation
Covering an area of 80acres (32.37Ha). Roughly 14Ha pasture, 17Ha Forest (rainforest, eucalypt and regrowth) and 1.37 Ha market garden mixed orchard - fruit and nuts. -Market garden – mixed vegetables. Seedling greenhouse, and poly tunnel/hail net (4m x 36m). Total area under cultivation ~0.5Ha -Free range eggs – several flocks. Some in permanent pens in food forest (with turkeys). Chickens are used extensively in the market garden system and to prepare/maintain orchard areas. -Orchard (~0.5Ha mixed temperate species trees and berries - netted) Also mix fruiting trees around terraces of a dam and subtropical food forest near the house. -Dexter cattle - (8 cows 1 bull 3 heifers) are rotationally grazed around the fenced pasture circuits for meat and fertility cycling. Extensive water and permanent fences in place for rotational grazing across the entire grazing area. Some soil amendment has been done (lime, dolomite and rock minerals) as well as some seeding for pasture improvement. Pasture is systematically slashed/forage harvested (used for mulch in the market garden) as there is a high proportion of unpalatable grasses present (tussock). -Water – A dam (~.8ML) has been built just below the house and a small goose pond (~100 000L) situated for gravity fertigation of main orchard area. Infrastructure is set up to pump from large dam to a high tank, then gravity irrigate market garden. A small spring emerges below the house and forms a small unnamed creek that exits the property’s Northern boundary. This creek re-enters the Northern boundary further west and joins a larger creek that runs roughly parallel with the western boundary. We have a ram pump to trickle feed the dam (still working on optimizing this) and have purchased pipe and pump to pump water up from the creek for added water security. Also 130 000L of rainwater storage for stock, domestic and garden use.
Machinery – 62 HP tractor 4wd with blade and bucket and attachments - 6ft slasher, spreader, tanks and pump for spraying (Biodynamic preparations and some home brewed biofertliser and compost tea), 5ft rotary hoe, 3 tyne Yeoman plough, post hole digger, wood chipper and forage harvester. Walk behind tractor. House – 3 bedroom 1 bathroom off grid home. 2.5KW solar, composting toilet and wood fired stove that heats water.

Future Requirements

What is the opportunity?
Land lease agreement – A long-term lease will be offered for the farm to a fitting applicant with regular review periods to ensure a good fit. We are willing to finance some additional capital improvements depending on the area of interest of the successful applicant (e.g. netting the 2nd orchard). There may be potential in future to purchase the farm depending on where our future leads us or to continue with a long-term mutually beneficial arrangement.
Lease To Buy Available:
Other Transition:
Possibility to take over existing off-farm work (cleaning – evenings/weekend – training and tools/materials provided) for income stream while establishing farm income.
Accommodation Provided

Financial Projections

Is the farm currently profitable?
Capital Requirements
Currently the farm is being run as a self-sufficient family farm, with minimal expenses. The orchard is now ready for fruit income and the garden beds are ready for a larger production but have been only used for household use. (in the past we sold vegies to cafes). New and old markets would be required to be re-established.
What markets are currently being sold to
o Current Products o Market garden - vegetables o Chickens - eggs o Orchard - Fruit (apples, pears, peaches, nectarines, figs, plums, apricots, berries) o Meat – poultry (chicken) o Meat – grass-fed Dexter beef o Micro-dairy – Dexter o Apiary – 13 hives (mixture of hive designs – Langstroth, Top bar, Sun hive and Perone)