320 acres Murrayville Victoria


320 acres Murrayville Victoria

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The Farm

Closest Town
Murrayville VIC 3512, Australia
320.0 Acres
Farm Type
Broad Acre Cropping
Annual Rainfall
Farming Operation
Organic wheat/rye • Hay (seasonal) • Organic Sheep/cattle • Firewood Harvest • Tourism – Farm Stays • Saltbush • Eucalyptus Oil (1ha eucalyptus polybractea) With the potential for: • Organic Flour • Free range chickens • Greenhouse veggies (using old chicken sheds) • Rehab or boot camp facility
25% revegetated (woodlots, saltbush, windbreaks) CADMIUM FREE fertilizers and NO chemical spray or fertilizer. Excellent underground water, 30,000L header tanks, reticulated to paddocks via poly. 25,000L rainwater tanks. Large raised 2 stand shearing shed and yards, 2 machinery sheds, smaller workshop/hobby shed with concrete floor. 3 x 60’ x 30’ chook sheds plus processing & packaging sheds were used to process up to 1000 chickens/week, all with concrete floors. 4 x 50 tonne silos, 2 x 5 tonne seed silos. Storage shed with raised platform next to silos – was used to mix chicken feed. Cell grazing (saltbush lambs), timber, organic crops (grain, veggies) Irrigation possible on small scale from stock and domestic allocation. Possible larger scale subject to water license. Plant and machinery purpose bought and maintained for this farm Small flourmill towards developing organic flour business. Shop (previously a bakery) in Murrayville perfect as complementary business to the farm – contact our office for all the details.

Future Requirements

What is the opportunity?
Sale Only - Price is $398,000 plus the ex-bakery $30k.
Other Transition:
Accommodation Provided
Modest weatherboard residence with 3 bedrooms, spacious patio and lawn tennis court. Kitchen & dining recently relined & painted.

Financial Projections

Is the farm currently profitable?
The farm is a lifestyle property with off-farm income such as a trade or profession (with local demand) to complement your activity
Capital Requirements
No immediate requirements but most of the plant and equipment is basic to do current job.
What markets are currently being sold to
4 Leaf Mills at Tarlee SA and Whole Grain Milling at Gunnedah