450 acre Bio-Dynamic Dairy Farm Northern Victoria - Sharefarm/Lease


450 acre Bio-Dynamic Dairy Farm Northern Victoria - Sharefarm/Lease

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The Farm


Closest Town
450.0 Acres
Farm Type
Annual Rainfall
Farming Operation
Certified Demeter Bio-Dynamic Dairy Farm since 1987
Well laid out tree lined paddocks with good shedding, modern dairy, large vat, roof top solar, auto cattle drafting, cow collars, with a 12 a side low line dairy with cup removers and stall gates (1 man shed). Good machinery sheds, calf sheds, automatic irrigation system with pumped pipe and rise system on part of farm.

Future Requirements

What is the opportunity?
We need aspiring young people to take over the herd management/ownership of the dairy operation.
Other Transition:
Share farming/leasing, happy to discuss other options.
Accommodation Provided
Renting locally would be required for the short term. Happy and open to discuss options regarding living arrangements for the long term.

Financial Projections

Is the farm currently profitable?
Yes with good long term contracts in place for supplying a niche market with bio-dynamic milk. Can show long term, 10 year+ of profitable farming history. Current outlook is for increased demand and reduced expenses, due to more favorable weather conditions.
Capital Requirements
Open for discussed, although all the farms stock and equipment is available for lease or purchase.
What markets are currently being sold to
We have a long term arrangement to sell all our milk to Bio-Dynamic Marketing for drinking milk at a premium price and are looking to expand into other dairy products