270 Hectares Mix Farming RossBridge Victoria


270 Hectares Mix Farming RossBridge Victoria

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The Farm


Closest Town
Rossbridge VIC 3377, Australia
270.0 Hectares
Farm Type
Mixed Farming
Annual Rainfall
500mm +
Farming Operation
Run by husband and wife team. Husband works full time off farm. 200ha of our property is sown to annual crops. Our cropping enterprise currently includes producing wheat, canola, beans and oats. We use contractors for sowing, spraying, harvesting and some spreading. Mostly using conventional practices, with minimal fungicide and insecticide use. 10 year goal to be fully regenerative. Approx. 58ha is pasture/opportunity crop for our livestock enterprise, which currently consists of 200 composite breeding ewes. This 60ha is in conversion to regenerative practice management. 3 year goal to be fully regenerative. 12ha is swamp/native grasses. We have our own netted home orchard/vegetable patch for fruit and veg. Chooks and ducks for eggs and a few cattle for house beef.
(1.) Improving infrastructure is a focus of our business. (2.) 80% of fencing was poor on purchase of properties and no functioning piped water. We have nearly completed STAGE 1. of our water/fence program and starting STAGE 2. Note. Both Kalanoa STH and NTH are adjoining properties. (A.)Kalanoa STH (purchased 2019) •X1 House (poor condition) – Rented •X1 Woolshed (for demolition) - we have access to neighbours shearing shed. •X1 shearers quarters (for demolition) •X1 Barn (requires renovation) •X1 workshop (requires renovation) •X1 hay shed (requires renovation/demolition?) •X1 Cattle yards (requires renovation) – new yards purchased. •X1 silo approx. 40t (requires renovation) •X2 good dams (B.)Kalanoa NTH (purchased part of in 2013, fully in 2016) House (1yr old) – Our Home Cabin (average condition) – Our old home, now used for visitors. 2016 built Workshop & Machinery Shed – 12mx23m Basic 300 hd semi-permanent sheep yards - to be moved to Kalanoa STH. •X1 bore (C.)PLANT/EQUIPMENT •X1 Tractor with loader •X1 Firetruck •X1 Combine with liquid inject (liquid inject current project) •X3 Toyota 4WDS Borrowed farming equipment from family farm eg. Trucks/tractors/mowers/spreaders/augers General – motors, motorbikes, lawn mowers, generators, etc. •X1 Header (currently in process of purchasing) •X1 Boom spray (currently in process of purchasing)

Future Requirements

What is the opportunity?
Opportunity: for the right person/s to lease our land and use our labour, livestock, infrastructure, plant/equipment etc. If you are passionate about an agricultural enterprise we would be happy to support you. We are open to ideas for you to use part of our farm to do so. In return, we need part time help in the following areas for 2 days per week (or blocks of time), • Farm infastructure repairs/maintenance - sheds, water, fences and trees. • Farm mechanical repairs/maintenance - vehicles, plant and equipment. • Cropping enterprise - making bio-fertiliser, moving seed and equipment. • Livestock enterprise - monitoring, movement and care (not essential). These 2 days could be paid work, or work in exchange for use of land/plant/infrastructure etc. or a combination of the two. We are open to ideas.
Other Transition:
In addition, or alternatively if you would like extended leave opportunities. This is very much negotiable too.
Accommodation Provided
There is a basic cabin on farm suitable for an individual/couple.

Financial Projections

Is the farm currently profitable?
Yes. 2019/20 Return on Equity 2.7%
Capital Requirements
Yes – we are currently investing capital into fencing, yards, water and sheds. Also, some plant and equipment for regenerative management, eg. Combine with liquid inject.
What markets are currently being sold to
HARVEST – stored at local site storage facilities and sold to grain merchants, eg. AWB LAMB – sold to local abattoirs/saleyards