13.5 Ha Cherry Orchard Wellington NSW


13.5 Ha Cherry Orchard Wellington NSW

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The Farm


1.            Summary

General location (closest town): Wellington NSW

Type of farm: Cherry Orchard

Size: Approx. 13.5 ha

2.            The farm

Future requirements

·         How much future investment will be required to upgrade any deficiencies in the property?

o   None – however new owner may wish to build their own packing shed rather than use contract packing

·       Historical data


o   Planted orchard in 2008-09 with a view to eventually retiring to the property. A personal situation has changed resulting in a change of plans and hence property has been put up for sale. 


o   Property is currently on the market for $880,000

o   Existing plant and equipment available to purchase

o   The owner is willing to consider providing up to 30% vendor finance (at current commercial lending rates and subject to acceptable security – such as second-ranked mortgage and personal guarantees).

o   Alternatively, they would consider accepting a 10% deposit and a delayed settlement (5 years) if the applicant was prepared to enter into a lease for this period. Lease payments would be $4,000 per month in advance and the property would need to be properly run and maintained.


o   There is a fully renovated 4 bedroom homestead on the property which would be included in the sale or lease.

Financial projections

        Is the farm currently profitable? If not, what would you require to ensure it is?

o   Yes 

        What are the budgeted capital requirements and ongoing operational expenses of the farm (recommend placing this in a spread sheet)?

o   Suggest visiting the nsw-dpi site to look at cherry growing budgets

o   Use “young-contract packed” tab for closest option


o   https://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/agriculture/budgets/vegetable


WWhat type of Aspiring Farmer are you looking for?

The owner would like to see the orchard taken over by a young energetic farming family with a passion for horticulture and a love of rural living.

They will need some basic practical farming operation skills but the owner is happy to guide and mentor them for the first 12-24 months and during that period introduce them to other industry professionals who can provide them with ongoing support and guidance.

WWhat markets do you currently sell to?

Export and Australian supermarkets. The packing shed I use provides full marketing services

Your steps to apply. 

1. Fill out this basic farm pitch (should only take 10 minutes)

2. Send an email to Tegan@cultivatefarms.com with your attached farm proposal

3. We send on to the owners

4. Owner decides if they want to carry on discussions and you will get a lot more info (for privacy we are keeping details light at the moment)

5. When they select the aspiring farmer who is the best fit, we will work with you both to sort out a win-win.

Closest Town
Wellington St, Perth WA 6000, Australia
14.14 Hectares
Farm Type
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Future Requirements

What is the opportunity?
Other Transition:
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Financial Projections

What markets are currently being sold to