100 Acres in North East Tasmania


100 Acres in North East Tasmania

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The Farm


Closest Town
Scottsdale TAS 7260, Australia
100.0 Acres
Farm Type
Mixed Farming
Annual Rainfall
500mm +
Farming Operation
It's 100 acres of basalt soil. Seldom gets below 0C, seldom above 30C. Potato and dairy country. We have frontage to the Brid River, mains water (untreated) connection, full power etc. 2km from the edge of Scottsdale. Some areas could be cultivated, others are only suitable for grazing.
There is plenty of infrastructure on the place, two cottages, a greenhouse, two chook house complexes, an implement shed, double garage, carport, large machinery shed, boiler shed, killing room, chiller, butchery, dairy, shearing shed, loafing shed, hay shed, feed bunks, piggery, cattle shelter and sheep shelter and a storage shed and silo. Some of this was in disrepair, we have stabilised a lot of it and are bringing it up to repair as we can.

Future Requirements

What is the opportunity?
The title is held 1/3 and 2/3 shares. The 1/3 share is available for outright purchase and the 2/3 share could follow by vendor mortgage or equity transfer, or a combination of both. The 1/3 share includes one of the cottages and its surrounds.
Other Transition:
-The aim is to allow the old farmer to remain on the farm until retirement/death and the two cottages allow a new farmer to also reside on the farm while the old one remains able to enjoy the lifestyle. - The new farmer must be committed to animal welfare. We eat our own stock, even the ones with names, but they live a good life up until then and there is zero tolerance for mishandling. Stress Free Stockmanship or similar experience would be an asset. You must also be ok with the concept that some of them are going to end up being decrepit old retirees.
Accommodation Provided

Financial Projections

Is the farm currently profitable?
What markets are currently being sold to
The soil, climate, infrastructure and proximity to markets/tourist routes mean the possible enterprises are only limited by your imagination. Just about any gourmet produce, value adding, smallgoods, grass-fed livestock, medicinal or culinary herbs, tourism, education. Pretty much anything not requiring tropical conditions. There is space to undertake your dream enterprise and still raise your own food. In partnership with the old farmer, you could be largely self-sufficient in home grown fresh food while bringing in an income from your farming enterprise.