Cultivate Farms TV Episode 71: Weekly Wrap Up

Cultivate Farms TV Episode 71: Weekly Wrap Up

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Here is a dump of the things we have been working on the past week

Met with aspiring farmers who have the potential to buy a farm with a retiring farmer and we worked out a game plan to get the right people around them to make a transition model work.

We are talking to farmers who are interested in buying the Mushroom farm in Gippsland and helping them work through scenarios on how they can make it a great move for them to purchase 

We are in discussion with a dad who wants to back his son onto a farm. We may have a retiring farmer on our books who are after a specific type of farmer and I think this could be a great match. We now get our matchmaking skills cranking!

We are nutting out the details of the Cultivator program - where we will support 10 farmers to pitch to an investor and one of them will end up owning a farm of their dreams with the investor. So pumped for this one. Let me know if you are keen on being a part of this and also if you know any companies who might want to sponsor this so we can get the costs down for aspiring farmers.

We have been talking with a potential investor who could support farm ownership in most areas of Australia. They love our model and are open to a number of different farming operations and sizes. More details on this to come

I have been making notes on how we might be able to write our first book. ‘How to go from zero to farmer’ is the working title. But we feel we could compile all of our knowledge from the past three years into a book to inspire you to hustle to make your farm ownership dreams a reality. We know books are a really powerful way of communicating still and think this would sell like hotcakes. Just figuring out how to get it done. Does anyone have any ideas on how you go about writing a book?