Tracking down farm match case studies

Tracking down farm match case studies

Cultivate Farms

We hear time and time again that people want to see real world people who have had farm ownership matches that are working. 

We have 7 of them, but we know there are hundreds all over the country that are successes because what we are doing isn’t new in many ways.

This is a call out to our followers to help us find more case studies so we can document them to inspire more retiring farmers, investors and aspiring farmers to come to us.

The more we can give confidence, the more farms will come our way and the more likely you will be living your farm ownership dream.

Case studies we want

1. Retiring farmers backing kids that aren’t their own

2. An aspiring farmer going from zero to a farmer

3. Investor backing at top quality farmer and co-owning with them

4. Farm employer providing option for the employee to earn into a farm or their farm

5. Friends investing in a farm together

6. Community investing in a farm together 

Please reach out to them for us and ask if there be open to a written interview and then please connect us up.