Three ways to get farm-ownership ready

Three ways to get farm-ownership ready

Cultivate Farms
Aspiring farmers

Your goal as an aspiring farmer who doesn’t have your farm yet, is to be doing the background work and the hard grind preparing to be farm-ready.


What does this mean? You need to be getting all the skills you can to run a profitable farm.


Furthermore, it is to actually run a farm business. This shows that you are serious about farming and have put your own money and life on the line to make a farming business work - which will then give confidence to the investor or retiring farmer that you will be a good steward of their farm.


We think that there are three ways that you can go about building these farm-specific skills and we encourage you to find ways to get yourself one of these positions


1. Farm manager or worker: If you can get a great reference from a farmer that you were diligent and hard working this will give investors/retiring farmers confidence in you.

2. Lease and setup your business that you can plonk on a farm: we know it is hard to get leased land, but even if you start small, then this at least shows that you are hustling to build your wealth, run your own business and you know the realities of how hard it is to make money.

3. Run your family farm: this is only possible for those who are born into a farm, but if you are keen to get on your own place, other than the family farm, we encourage you to work hard on your own farm and use that knowledge to catapult you into another farm opportunity.