10 farm ownership pathway activities while stuck inside

10 farm ownership pathway activities while stuck inside

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You may be in your home more, but this doesn’t mean your farm ownership dreams should be stuck as well. Here are 10 ideas to keep you moving on your path.

1. Write your farm investment pitch

You can’t convince someone to invest into a farm if you don’t have a plan and you don’t have a plan unless you have written it down.

So spend your Corona time writing. We have a template you can download - https://www.cultivatefarms.com/p/img/CultivateFarms_Farm-Pitching_Template_20180109.docx

Write 10 dot points a day. Just get writing. Pick the farm you want, go to farmbuy.com and pick a farm and just write about it

Write about a farm a retirement-aged farmer you know owns and write about that. Get their advice on what you have written and say you are learning how to pitch. What a great conversation starter with them.

Build a financial model. Show you know your stuff or use it to show you don’t know your stuff, but you are learning

2. Read

We have hundreds of blog posts and videos and podcasts of practical tips on how to own your farm

3. Vision board

Create a vision board for what you really want out of life and for your farm.

If you don’t know what you are aiming for, how you know if you get there?

4. Little black book

Get your list of people you need to be part of your journey - retiring farmers, potential investors, people who know people. Get your list sorted and figure out how you will engage with all of the ongoing, so they help find you farm opportunities.

5. Keep farming or get farming

You need to be good enough for someone to back you, so keep farming.

If you want to farm and haven’t even been farming, what are you doing?! Get out there and work on a farm.

6. Document your farm ownership journey

Finally, set up a Facebook Page and start telling people that you are on a journey to own your farm. Then create one piece of content each day talking about your desire to own a farm.


7. Write letters to retiring farmers

Get out a piece of nice paper and your best pen and write a heartfelt and true letter to one or a few retirement aged farmers that you know and whose farm you’d love to be involved in.


8. Keep your farmer profile up to date

Investors and retiring farmers do check our profiles and they aren’t impressed when you don’t have much information about yourself in there. So, do yourself a favour and ensure your details are up to date and also present the best story about yourself you can.


9. Farm ownership pathway plan

Watch this video which works through ways for you to write your own farm ownership pathway plan.


10. Reflect

Use this time to think about what you really want out of life

Is owning a farm really a burning passion? You need to know this or else you aren’t going to follow your passion