RCS Interview with Terry McCosker

RCS Interview with Terry McCosker

Cultivate Farms

Sam Marwood here from Cultivate Farms

We are focused on making pathways for anyone to own a farm.

Part of that is providing useful and inspiring information and connecting you with great people in the farming industry

This is the reason behind today’s interview with Terry McCosker from RCS (Resource Consulting Services).

Terry setup RCS back in the mid 80s which is focused on helping farmers get the skills they need to succeed.

Cultivate Farms are working with RCS to find ways to get aspiring farmers skilled up for farm ownership and this is the context of our chat today.

We are also working on some great deals for Cultivate Farms premium members and RCS courses.

Terry, thank-you for your time.

1. What is your back story Terry? Were you once an aspiring farmer?

2. Who are RCS? And why did you start it?

3. What advice do you give famers?

4. What is the grazing for profit course?

5. Should people not on a farm do the Grazing for Profit course?

6. What do you like about Cultivate Farms? Why were you interested in working with us?

7. Are there retirement aged farmers out there looking for next gen farmers to co-own their farm with?

8. What makes a top quality next gen farmer?

9. What does our partnership look like?