Jobs that could get you in front of more retiring farmers

Jobs that could get you in front of more retiring farmers

Cultivate Farms
Aspiring farmers

We have been talking to hundreds of aspiring farmers. We have lots of new tactics about how you can get yourself in front of retiring farmers. Getting in front of retiring farmers increases your chances of finding a farmer who might back you onto their farm.

One great idea is to get paid to visit retiring farmers. Love this so much.

We have had livestock transport drivers and fertiliser company reps join up as members, and they get to meet retiring farmers every day. They automatically have a way to find out what the farmer is up to, what their plans are and then naturally bring into the discussion the fact that they would love to own a farm. They even discuss Cultivate Farms, with examples of other people thinking about great ways for farmers to step back.

Does your current job get you in front of retiring farmers? Could you adjust it so that it does?

If not, think of other jobs that could get you in front of farmers all day every day. Here is a list we have come up with to get you thinking:

Landcare coordinator for a region

Real estate agent

Stock agent


Petrol tanker driver

Livestock transport


Farm supply advisor

Machinery contractor

Hay contracting


Vet nurse

Delivery driver

Rural councillor

Fertiliser company

Rural journalist

Newspaper photographer

Or if you can’t do this, why not sit on the Board of organisations with farmers?

Sit on the local show board.

Sit on the Landcare board.

Try for local NRM/ag board like CMA/LLS.

Water corporation Board.

Sporting teams and economic development boards