It will never be easier than now to find your farm

It will never be easier than now to find your farm

Cultivate Farms
Aspiring farmers

We tell all our aspiring farmers to build relationships with retirement-aged farmers because one of them might be willing to back you into ownership on their farm.

But we have been reflecting that the more people know about this, the harder it is going to be for aspiring farmers to stitch themselves up a farm deal. 

We believe that right now is the best time ever to find your farm through a retiring farmer. So don’t waste any time. Get out there.

There was a sweet spot with Google Ads when they first came out and many people made a fortune buying underpriced attention to sell their stuff. It feels very similar now for you and your chances of getting the attention of retiring farmers.

In 5 years every next gen farmer is going to be building relationships with retiring farmers and you are going to have a lot more competition. Instead of you being the only gun farmer in the district on the hunt, you will have 50 others.

Retiring farmers will soon have to set up a register to put all the farmers that are contacting them, just so they don’t have to have cups of tea with 100 farming couples.

Your handwritten notes dropped in their letterbox will be placed alongside the other 57 letters they received the past 6 months.

Aspiring farmers will be hassled from the day they step into ownership from other next-gen farmers putting their hand up early to be considered as the one to hand your farm onto.

So get out and find your farm - it’s the best time ever in human history to be farm hunting.