How we are key to Agriculture's 2030 Plan

How we are key to Agriculture's 2030 Plan

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How Cultivate Farms will develop the Ageing on Farm Program.

Realising the 2030 Roadmap.

The other day I sat down and read through the NFF’s 2030 roadmap, this is ‘Australian Agriculture’s Plan for a $100 Billion Industry’

I have been through it all to help you get your head around it, but the most relevant sections for what we are doing about farm ownership are sections 4 and 5

Pillar 4: People and Communities

Pillar 5: Capital and Risk Management

Farm pathway books

Multiplying farm ownership case studies

Education side hustle

Cultivator Pathway to sharing ownership

Farmer incubator

Reality TV show

Cultivate Communities

Community regeneration road trips

Unlocking retail investors into farms

Farmland Trust

Farm advisor education

Ageing on farm

National farm succession planning day