How the farm matching works?

How the farm matching works?

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How the farm matching works

This is how the farm matching process works. We know these are amazing opportunities and a lot of people are stunned with what we are offering because we are bringing farms to aspiring farmers on a plate. There isn’t much more we can do than bring farm-ownership opportunities to you - all you need to do is apply.


This is the process that retiring farmers go through to load their farm on our website and also the process aspiring farmers follow to apply and hopefully be matched (written from retiring farmer’s perspective):

1. Talk to your family, friends and advisors to make sure you are ready to explore options.

2. Decide that you are keen to transition ownership to a next generation farmer over time.

3. Review all our content online and case studies about the service we provide (see Facebook, YouTube and our Blog).

4. Fill out an enquiry form

5. Have a chat with the Cultivate Farms team to work through your farm transition plan

6. Fill out your farm and farmer requirements details through our template

7. Cultivate Farms then loads your farm online and promotes to all our networks.

8. Aspiring farmers pitch why they are the best and these are sent to the retiring farmer for consideration

9. Review farm pitches and meet with the farmers you think best align to your values

10. Meet with a few aspiring farmers on-farm and get to know them.

11. Pick the best farmer and begin working on the details of your farm transition with trusted advisors


Even if the farms aren’t for you, we need you to share on your social media and tag potential aspiring farmers. We need to find the best farmers so that we can have more case studies in order to attract more retiring farmers which could result in your farm.