How your premium membership helps us to find you farms?

How your premium membership helps us to find you farms?

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How your premium membership helps us to find you farms?


There are a stack of benefits for you to being a Cultivate Farms premium member

1. You get to chat with the Cultivate Farms team

2. We work through a farm ownership pathway plan

3. Mecardo market analysis membership (valued at $300)

4. We directly notify you of farm opportunities (some are only promoted to members)

5. Monthly webinar access


But we wanted to touch on the other benefits of membership which help us to keep the doors open, to build the business, build our reputation in the industry and find farm opportunities.


We need your support and your money to help us to help you onto your farm. We have to make this a viable business or we can’t keep going and there goes one massive avenue for you to get onto your farm.


So if you have been wondering whether to sign up, we hope this sparks you into action. Or if you are happy just watching and hoping we succeed, that’s fine as well!


Click here to sign up


And here is a list of things that we do behind the scenes to find you a farm.


- Creating blogs, videos, photos etc to share on social media and get attention of the industry and farmers

- Our weekly updates

- Talking to experts in all areas of farm ownership to help them open doors for us

- Meeting with governments all over the country to discuss how we can help them and you

- Talk with retiring farmers who reach out. It takes time to work through their needs before we post their opportunity

- Filtering farmers who apply for farms

- Talking to media about story angles

- Presenting at events

- Managing and responding to social media commentsBeing reactive to opportunities

- Applying for grants

- Business model reviewing to see how we provide the best value

- Finding and convincing investors to back aspiring farmers

- Finding and assessing farms opportunities

- Chatting with aspiring farmers who have live opportunities to find pathways for them

- Advocating for you in the ag industry

- Finding and disseminating practical information on how to get farming

- Updating our website to make it easier for you to find and apply for farms


Sign up and help us to help you onto your farm. Together we can spark a farming revolution and bring thousands of farmers, just like you, back to the land.