Hazelbrae farm matched #7

Hazelbrae farm matched #7

Cultivate Farms
Retiring farmers, Aspiring farmers, Investors

We have another farm matched. This is number 7 for Cultivate Farms.


It is the Hazelnut farm in Tasmania. We have only been promoting for a month or so, but the owners have found their match and they are now working with the aspiring farmers on the farming arrangements.




The farmers aren’t retiring as such, they are in their 40s and they want to step back from the farm, get some quality farmers to work alongside them, so they can free themselves up from the farm a bit.

We love the idea that any farmer can use our services to find a top quality farmer to co-farm with. It doesn’t matter if you want to step back completely, or if you see it as a way of scaling up with having to do less.


Both parties are now working with their advisors on the legal arrangements of the arrangement which will be a share farming opportunity.


Both parties are very excited. Especially the farmers stepping back as they haven’t had great experiences with finding farmers. So we know our model works - we focus on relationships first. We believe so strongly that both parties have to get along. Once you know you are a match, then you can work through the transition details because there are solutions for any situation.