Get Ready for Haters

Get Ready for Haters

Cultivate Farms

We hear regularly that aspiring farmers aren’t confident telling other people that they are going to own a farm. We aren’t exactly sure what the reason, but most likely it is tied with the audacity of the vision.

You are saying that you are going to own a multi-million dollar operation and you’re starting from nothing. That is pretty bold.

You need to own this vision. You need to be confident in it. And you need to be ready to weather the pushback from smaller-minded and small-visioned people that you meet. They are going to come and you can’t stop them. You just need to be prepared.

People will want to see you fail.

So here are some ideas to get yourself ready for haters

a) Know that you want to be an entrepreneur. Self-awareness is a great thing. If you are ready for the battles ahead and are willing to operate in uncertainty and for decisions to be on your head then go ahead. But if you don’t like the sound of it, maybe farm ownership isn’t for you.

b) Get good people around you. Surround yourself with positive people who get your vision and maybe even have the same vision. You need people around you to help give you the energy to follow your dream every day. Maybe it also means getting rid of friends. 

c) Map out your ownership plan and summarise it into a sentence. If you have a succinct pitch then people will be impressed. They probably won’t stop hating, but they will know you are serious.

We want you to succeed in your farm dreams. It’s possible.