Excuses from aspiring farmers to not even try

Excuses from aspiring farmers to not even try

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Aspiring farmers

All the farmers in our district will hand their farm onto their kids.

Retiring farmers will just sell to the corporates


These are two common excuses we hear from aspiring farmers and we now have no sympathy for attitudes like this. Because these are just unverified thoughts in your head. We will only listen to these excuses if you have been approaching retiring farmers for the past 5 years and have had no success at all. Only after putting in the hard work driving up driveways, going to RSLs, making phone calls and talking to accountants will we acknowledge that it might be hard for you to find your farm opportunity.


If you don’t ask and if you don’t let these farmers know that you are busting to get on your farm, then how are they going to offer you the farm?


There are plenty of farmers who don’t have kids to hand the farm onto.


There are plenty of farmers out there worried about corporates coming in and buying up all the land and concern for what this is doing to their community.


Now all you need to do is get out and find these farmers in your area. It will be hard and time-consuming and 99 out of 100 will say no. But all you need is one farmer to get what you are saying and you could be on your farm.


Who knows why some people sell their farm and who they want to sell it to. Your job is to have your name on top of the list for any farmer looking to step back. Touch on the heartstrings. Show that you are the best farmer and let’s get you on your own farm.