Email real estate agents and ask for lease to buy options

Email real estate agents and ask for lease to buy options

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Email real estate agents ask for lease to buy options

I was talking to an aspiring farmer premium member the other day and they had an amazing tip that I had to share with everyone.


It is such a good idea, not only because it could open up a farm ownership opportunity for you, but it gives you a purpose to continually hunt for farms.


We now recommend that every aspiring farmer setup a saved search on, domain, view and commercial (you should be on all platforms as not all are loaded in the one spot).


Then for any farm that you think is amazing and you’d love to own, send the real estate an email asking if the vendor would be open to a lease to buy option


It’s really easy. You can do this during ad breaks of the Bachelor, or while you are watching all our content on YouTube.



1. You have a reason to get to know the real estate market. You will get to know what is good value and what isn’t and you are in the mindset of farm purchasing which will only be a good thing.

2. The vendor might say yes and you have a pathway to your farm

3. The real estate agent now knows about you (and you will no doubt send the same enquiry many times) and they can start thinking of opportunities for you

4. The real estate agent finds out about Cultivate Farms and might start suggesting our services to their vendors

5. If we get all aspiring farmers doing this, then we are going to get a lot of attention across Australia and more opportunities will come to us


Our goal is that every real estate agent and retiring farmer in Australia knows about the opportunity to transfer ownership to a top quality next gen farmer, so they have Cultivate Farms as a real option when considering moving off their farm.


To make this even easier, here is text you can use to send for any farm you want to enquire about:


Hi, my name is xx xx, and I’m enquiring about this farm. I wanted to find out if the vendors are willing to enter a lease to buy, vendor finance or similar land transition arrangement? I have been working with Cultivate Farms ( who find solutions for farm ownership for next generation farmers. We have the skills to work this farm, but lack all of the total amount of capital. If the vendor is interested I’d be happy to chat with you about what options were available and can get the Cultivate Farms team to give you a call as well. Kind regards, xx xx, email, phone number