BYO Farm ownership opportunity

BYO Farm ownership opportunity

Cultivate Farms

The best way for you to get on your farm is to find your own farm. We are talking every day to aspiring farmers all over the country who have the outline of an opportunity. But until you have a farm that could be yours, it’s hard to really get scheming. There are many ways for you to work through vendor deals, or find a pathway to investors, but getting sole access to a farm is the first step.

Your goal is to get a retiring farmer so say to you “you have the first right to buy this farm and you have 6 months (hopefully more) to raise the cash”.

As soon as a farm is on the market you won’t be able to compete – i.e. the neighbour will pay well above market value and you’re competing with many others on the open market.

You need to build relationships with retiring farmers so that they love you and your attitude and they want to make sure you get the land.

You also need to be able to also find a farm that is good value – you can’t take an investor something that is overpriced. So you need to be convinced that the prices are good or below market value.

But once you have your farm, there are many ways for you to secure the deal. There are many clever people out there that can guide you through and we’re here to help as well.

So get out there find yourself your farm.