Backend Non-Publicised Deals We are Working on

Backend Non-Publicised Deals We are Working on

Cultivate farms

Over the Christmas and New Year period, we continued to work to find your farm deals. It was a great time to get some thinking done and get through a backlog of emails.


We are working on a number of farm ownership deals which we aren’t able to promote publicly due to the privacy needs of all parties - but once they are in place we will give you the details.


One Victorian aspiring farming couple has approached a retiring farmer on a large farm and said I love your farm, I’d like to buy it. Now we are working on a vendor finance deal with potentially getting some investors. The aspiring farmer had a great reputation and it was good timing to ask. But if you don’t ask…


We have had a Victorian farmer approach us looking for a farm manager and they are eager to give the farmer some form of ownership in the farm - which could be adding some new land to their holding or being a part of the business. We are working out some options to hopefully form the match in February.


A young farmer in NSW has a family farm that is his if he can raise the money. He is farming it at the moment and smashing it out of the park. He is known by people who move in the investment space and we are confident we can get some like-minded investors to back him to buy the farm and scale it up.


We have had to retire farmers approach us with large farms who want a solution that allows the current aspiring farmers to be managers and part owners. So we are connecting them with as many good people as we can to see what solutions can be found