Are you Ready for an Investor or Retiring Farmer?

Are you Ready for an Investor or Retiring Farmer?

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Are you ready for an investor or retiring farmer?

Imagine I gave you a call right now and I said, “Mary, there is a retiring farmer/investor who has picked you out of the database as they see you have the same values as them and want to farm in a way they want to farm and also want to farm in their preferred location. This would be an amazing phone call, and we are making more and more of them.


But would you be ready to jump onto the opportunity? Do you have the skills to run a farm and make it profitable? Could you pull apart a farm business and identify what needs to be improved, or could you develop a proposal on a farm that the investor might want to invest?


Do you have the financial management skills, have you worked on farms, have you managed a business, do you have advisors to call upon?


We want you to be ready as these opportunities are coming. We want to point investors and retiring farmers to the best farmers and you need to be the best.

So please do a skills audit and find ways to fill your skill gaps.