World First Farmer Incubator is Going Ahead 2019

World First Farmer Incubator is Going Ahead 2019

Cultivate Farms

     In 6 months you could be one of 10 farmers who is backed by an investor to own your farm.


We are going to roll out the Cultivator Program in 2019 where 10 farmers from anywhere in Australia will be supported to prove they are the best farmer going around and the best of the best will be backed by an investor. The same investor who backed Freeland Pork.


Back in late 2017 we ran a pilot program where 13 farmers pitched to this investor and Freeland Pork came out on top - 6 months later they were on their farm in a brilliant co-ownership deal and loving life. This could be you.


Pre-register your interest by sending me an email at


It will be a 6-month program focused on getting a farm pitch developed and full financial model for a real farm or an ideal farm. The focus is on impressing the investor so they pick you and then you build a relationship and then make that farm happen or a similar one.


It will cost between $2000-5,000 to participate and there will be selection criteria - you have to show you are farm-ownership ready. i.e. leasing and running your own farm business or managing a farm.


We are seeking corporate sponsors to make this cheaper for farmers - so please spread the word - who wouldn’t want to be involved in a world first program backing the best farmers in Australia and helping them realise their dreams


We are confident we will secure more investors along the way so that more than 1 farmer will be backed.


The farmers who aren’t matched we will still work with to find other ways to realise their farm ownership dream. You can’t lose as you will then have the skills to pitch a farm and have all the work done on a pitch that you can easily adjust for another farm.