Tips that gives everyone success in font of Investors

Tips that gives everyone success in font of Investors

Cultivate Farms

Cultivator has proven to many farmers that farm ownership is possible by getting in front of the investors and having their pitches and videos presented.

Their farm pitch, financial model, and three-minute summary video gives them bigger chances to be back by farm investors and co-own a farm with them. 

Most importantly, each farmer will be full of confidence that they are good enough to co-own a farm and be motivated to keep finding opportunities.

This is what the 5th batch of Cultivators have said about their Cultivator journey.

"It's a whole team. It’s the relationships with the other people in the program. It’s Adam (Cultivator Coach) questioning everything you know and being relentless... Don’t underestimate the amount of time or work that goes into it – certainly, the program has delivered 10-fold on what I thought it would,” Victoria Burleigh, Next-gen farmer pitching at the 2022 Cultivate Farms National Pitching event.

“It has been an amazing journey. It has tested our boundaries and questioned everything we thought that we wanted. The relationships we have built with the other participants has been wonderful and the access to the professionals during the coaching as well. The journey doesn’t end here,” Debbie Campbell. Next-gen farmer pitching at the 2022 Cultivate Farms Queensland Pitching event.

This process makes sure we are hitting the right notes and showing that it is OK to dream big. This helped me to have conversations with my now current partners. It’s been excellent.” Regan Gallager, Next-gen farmer pitching at the 2022 Cultivate Farms Queensland Pitching event.

You can be like them. 

These tips helped them to be what had they become today, and now more opportunities are coming to them.

Five tips for selling yourself to investors

We will be having a free webinar on Cultivate Farms “Next Gen Farmers” Farm Ownership Blueprint and we will be discussing more tips like:

Learn the proven “7 Step Investment Pitch” formula for your farm proposal to present to investors, (even if you have no experience at all!)

Identify your ideal farm and lifestyle (not just want you can afford now)

How to negotiate a farm purchase in a super-competitive real estate market

How to build a business model and investment proposition to match your farming goals

Learn what investors are looking for in a farm, how to uncover them and how to match yourself to their expectations

How to eliminate nervousness and lack of confidence in approaching investors

How to become irresistible to impact focussed investors

Learn how you can pitch to a panel of impact investors at our exclusive National Cultivate Farms Investor Pitch event

As a next-generation farmer, this will help you to leverage and gain more knowledge on how you can be a better farmer in front of investors.

It is free to join. You just need to book your slot before someone get it for you.

Join the event: