The WHY That Will Urge You to Your Farming Dreams

The WHY That Will Urge You to Your Farming Dreams

Cultivate Farms

Achieving one's dream has never been too easy for anyone, and that's also for sure in farming. 

We at Cultivate Farms want to rejuvenate regional Australia. That's why despite the barriers of owning a farm, Sam Marwood, together with Tim and Tegan Hicks, started Cultivate Farms.

Every farmer has their WHY that drives them to continue their farming dreams.

The current cultivator participants created their video and told their WHY to farm ownership.

We want to inspire everyone, so we present you the WHY video clips of the two participants from the current batch of the Cultivator Program, Hannah Hanrahan and Matt N Kass Clark. 

They're both passionate about their farming dreams and finding ways to be regeneratively successful in the journey to find their farm, so they joined the Cultivator program to make their great Australian dream come true.

How about you?

What is your WHY?

Why are you chasing your farming dreams?