The Cultivate Farms National Pitch event

The Cultivate Farms National Pitch event

Cultivate Farms

We would like to give thanks to everyone for joining the Cultivate Farms National Pitching Event last March 1, 2022.

Here's the complete recording of the event -

Thank you to all the panellists who joined us at the event:

Adam Tucker, Dragonfly Enviro Capital – CEO

Elaine Stead, Human Venture Capital – Managing Director

Simon Dundon, Rural Bank – General Manager Sales, Partnership and Marketing

Susie Lohery, Regional Investment Corporation – Engagement Manager

And those cultivators who bravely faced the questions and proved that they were ready to be back by farm investors.

Lachan Sutton

Victoria Burleigh

Darcy Smith $ Aoidh Doyle

Maggie Matheson

Frank Harney

John Allen

We would love to connect you with any of our pitching farmers and please contact us if you have any questions or would like an introduction.

Starting in the first week of May 2022, the Cultivator season six will kick off where we will guide the next generation of Australian farmers to develop a farm pitch that can be used to unlock investment and co-ownership opportunities.

In our experience, investors can be retiring farmers in the community, friends and family, and investors seeking social, environmental and economic returns for themselves and rural Australia.

If you are interested in finding more about the Cultivator experience we are hosting a free webinar series Cultivate Farms “Next Gen-Farmers” Farm Ownership Blueprint on April 5th and 7th.  Our Cultivator coach will share with you how to be “investment ready”, how to pitch your proposal to investors, and make your farming dreams a reality!

Join the Cultivate Farms “Next Gen Farmers” Farm Ownership Blueprint: