Questions that an investor might ask before Backing You

Questions that an investor might ask before Backing You

Cultivate Farms

The Cultivator pitching events are the most awaited time by the Cultivator participants.


It is when they will present their pitch to investors and finally be back by an investor to the farm they have chosen.


Below are the sample questions that Cultivator panellists might ask them, or you who are now thinking of joining the next batch of Cultivators.


These questions are applicable for the cultivator participants but a good tip for everyone thinking about presenting their pitch to someone. Investors or a retiring farmer might ask some of these questions to you as these are the common questions asked when pitching a farm.


1. Give us a little more understanding of the revenue lines within your revenue stack.

2. How would you brand the product?

3. What are the returns you are expecting from your investors to receive?

4. Have you modelled out worst case scenario (for example 2 years of drought). How does it impact your model?

5. How long have you been working to this business model?

6. What sort of capital investment is needed to get your farm up and running?

7. Can you outline your crediting period and the methodology you are using?

8. Where would you like to see yourself in 3-5 years time as a business?

9. What's your biggest risk?

10. What is your profit margin, and how did you figure that out?


Knowing all this might be your ticket to farm ownership.

Who knows? Someday, you might send us a message to our socials that we are right and you are now running a farm!


We also want to invite you to our upcoming events (no worry, it's free!)

March 1 - National Cultivate Farms Pitching Event

March 3 - Queensland Cultivate Farm Pitching Event