Paying a farm advisor to get yourself farm ready

Paying a farm advisor to get yourself farm ready

Cultivate Farms
Aspiring farmers

We spoke to an aspiring farmer the other day who said that they have just employed a farm advisor.

They don’t even have a farm yet.

We loved this idea and wanted to share with you. It could be a great move for you on your farm ownership journey in many ways.

a) You have someone to discuss farming options and your farm pathway plan
b) You will build your knowledge on what a profitable farm for your situation will look like
c) You have more eyes, ears and mouth looking for farm ownership opportunities for you. They most likely know retiring farmers and investors. Once they know you are the real deal, they will be putting your name out everywhere to find you opportunities. 
d) You will get credibility from any onlookers as they can see that you want this because you are paying an advisor. This does look impressive
e) Investors and retiring farmers who may potentially back you will be impressed that you are investing into your farm ownership pathway
f) You will be less likely to be ripped off in finding farming opportunities

Outlaying money to this advisor could be a real advantage to you. Seriously consider it. Then put your feelers out for who the best advisors are to make sure you get someone who gets your vision and is well respected.