Next-Generation Farmers Scholarship Program

Next-Generation Farmers Scholarship Program

Cultivate Farms
Aspiring farmers

Every aspiring farmer's dream is to have their own land. Their own piece of Australia to make a living off. That's what is supposed to happen, but what if you don't have a farm? What if you are not from a family farm and you can't receive an inheritance?

In Australia, family farms are often passed down through the family line. With each new generation able to quickly take over multi-million dollar operations without putting up any capital. If you are not this fortunate, then farm ownership can be a real challenge. 

The traditional model of inheriting a farm or saving for 30 years to obtain a loan isn't working for the next generation of farmers. We are in serious danger of pricing the youth off the land, robbing our communities of their energy, new ways of working and passion for the environment.

Since 2017, we have been educating aspiring farmers on how to break the barriers of farm ownership; capital and mindset. A key lesson we teach is that there is always money out there to back their farming dreams, they just need to learn how to ask for it. In addition, we are also passionate about the long-term health of our great country so we have built in regenerative agricultural training into our programs. We want to ensure that the land is in safe hands for a long and profitable future for our farmers, particularly in parts of the country dealing with environmental issues like the properties in the Great Barrier Reef region.

This is why we are proud to announce a new scholarship for next-generation farmers in the Great Barrier Reef region that provides tools and resources to find pathways to farm ownership and to get aspiring farmers that are passionate about the environment on the land to improve the health of the Reef.

In partnership with the Herbert Cane Productivity Services Ltd (HCPSL) and the Great Barrier Reef Foundation (GBRF) Ten Great Barrier Reef Catchment Cultivator Scholarships are on offer to farmers in the Great Barrier Reef Catchment. All eligible farmers will receive the whole package valued at $2,000.

Cultivator is a proven farm ownership incubator program for next-generation farmers and farmers who are ready to scale. Offering farmers the chance to prove their skills and to dramatically increase their chances of finding a partner to co-own their farm. It will also educate participants on responsible agriculture's environmental and economic benefits with training from land management experts VRM Biologik.

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