More Good Things are Coming in 2019

More Good Things are Coming in 2019

Cultivate Farms

Organisations and like-minded people are approaching us to form business partnerships which we are excited for.


a) Investment avenues. We have two avenues to source substantial capital which will be focused on farm investment deals which involve retiring and aspiring farmers. We have been dreaming of this and putting the idea out and looks like it will come to fruiting in 2019.


b) Partnerships: We are talking to tech companies in ag and business management who want to partner with us to give sweet deals to our premium members for tools and services we know you need. Got a few partnerships to announce in 2019.


c) Merchandise: We spoke about merchandise in early 2018 and we are now ready to deliver. We are working on a few designs for t-shirts and hats and will have them out in a couple of months. Love the idea of them being ‘walking billboards’ for you to get more attention - e.g. ‘I want your farm’, or ‘thinking of selling your farm? I’ll buy it’.


d) Branding: We have a new logo and look and feel that we will be unveiling soon. It’s a hard thing to get a good logo and our last one, not even Tim and Tegan liked it. The new one represents the three sides of farm owners that we deal with - aspiring farmers, retiring farmers and investors. Looking forward to your thoughts on whether we nailed it.