Cultivate Farms Looking Forward for 2022

Cultivate Farms Looking Forward for 2022

Cultivate Farms

2021 has been another growth year for Cultivate Farms as we continue to uncover ways for you to own your farm

It’s not an easy journey you have decided upon, nor for us. But it is a great goal we are striving for and we all have to keep at it.

I am going to list a few things that have happened this year and highlight some key goals for 2022

I haven’t been doing my regular video updates and hopefully, I can get back into them in 2022 - especially with a few new announcements I’m about to make, which should make it easier for me to get back on this camera

1. Ageing on Farm Research program

We have received a grant with LaTrobe Uni to help farmers understand how they can age on farm. We have a draft guide but we will be able to test with 10 retiring farmers. The key point is that we want retiring farmers to know how they can live their life as they want. And to explore how sharing ownership with a great next-gen farmer could help them achieve that

2. Cairns Pitch event Feb 22

We are holding our firm farm pitching event in person in Cairns. We would love any locals to come along - aspiring farmers, retiring farmers and community champions. Watch this space

Sign up here: 

3. National Pitch event March 1

We will also be running our usual online pitching program with farmers from the current Cultivator program. This is another chance to back the current cohort and encourage them, but also to inspire yourself and others to keep pursuing your ownership dreams

Sign up here: 

4. Farm investment vehicles

We are constantly investigating how we can get investment to back you on to your farm. We are looking at multiple avenues for how investors can buy a farm and then get farmers to pitch to co-own and mange. We are investing vehicles to support locals investing in local farms and also our own Cultivate Farms-backed investment vehicle.

Hoping to announce some great things around this in 2022.

5. Book - Guide to owning your farm

We are going to launch the world’s first book on how to own your farm. We are combining all our lessons from the past 5 years into a book and this is going to be the new guide for you to follow to make your ownership dreams a reality.

6. New partner being announced in the new year

We have a great organisation backing us in 2022 and I am excited to be announcing that soon

7. Chief of Operations - Onboarding

We are about to advertise for a Chief of Operations. This is very exciting for me - to know that we are at a level now where I can get someone more clever in to structure our services and focus on you all more. Please get in touch if this sounds like something you’d be interested in finding out more. It will start at 3 days a week for 12 months with every chance of being full time and ongoing.

8. Announcing a bunch more matches

We have some great farm matches to announce in the new year. Just waiting for the details to be confirmed and things to settle and then we will be getting that out to you to inspire you to keep hustling

9. April for the next Cultivator program

If you want to develop your pitch and get in front of investors, get thinking about signing up for the April 2022 Cultivator program

Let’s get you farming!